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What We Are About

The Boutique Hotel industry hasn't progressed much over the recent decades. It simply couldn't compete with Big Corporate Hotels. That's all changed, thanks to Modern technology, we’re changing the game!—with locations that inspire and excite, with all the needs and without sacrificing design & style, all while delivering seamless, personalized experiences.

By optimizing inefficiencies using the latest cutting edge technology, we create, improve & scale automations like no other. We can deliver hospitality that’s both incredible and inclusive. Because everyone should be able to experience an unforgettable place to stay.

Where We Fit

From new to established companies, Imagos works with Innovative partners as well as staying vigilant & educated of the evolving industry.

Our Philosophies

"Imagineering The Future Of Hospitality"

"Where Hospitality Innovation & Evolution Takes Place"

"We combine the personableness, coziness, and affordable prices of a home share experience with all the professionalism of a hotel"

"Motivated To Be The Best Version Of Yourself"

"Every Asset Designed, Developed, Optimized to It's Full Potential"

"Open Mind, Pushing Boundaries, Constantly Evolving"

"Visionaries, Futurists, Dreamers"

Matt Aitchison

CEO & Creative Investor

A real estate investor, syndicator, speaker and philanthropist. He’s flipped hundreds of houses, built a Top real estate team in the U.S, and now focuses solely on raising capital for syndications and scaling his passive income portfolio comprised of commercial strip centers, hospitality assets, and single family rentals.

Extremely passionate about helping others create more wealth, freedom, and fulfillment in their life and business through real estate and business investment opportunities. He is also the host of the Millionaire Mindcast, a Top 100 Globally ranked business podcast.

Ulysses Baltazar

CTO & Imagineer

Hyperfocused on Imagineering The Future Of Hospitality using cutting edge Smart Automation Technology, Web3 & emerging immersive technologies.

Former Aerospace Engineer & Real Estate Technologist. At his core to learn, grow & design systems, processes & experiences. Innovating technology that gamifies the way guests interact & socialize with the world through tech driven interactive experiences. His favorite part is bringing that research & development to reality bridging the gap between Hospitality & Tech.


of The House

Imagos is




Imagineering Meets




In Practice

Our Hospitality Track Record




Model Idealized




Travel Industry




Hospitality, LLC

Is Born




Firelite Lodge

Purchased & Upgraded

to v2 model

Playpark Hospitality, LLC, Firelite Lodge & The Jeffrey Hotel is Acquired & Sold

Next Venture


Hospitality Group

Is Born


All - 2020



In 4yrs Time

Playpark Lodge

Modernized & Implemented

v1 Model of Contactless,

Self-Check-In systems

Contactless Model is a success &

overcomes Covid Shutdown

Playpark Lodge

Remained Open.

Contacless Model ready for growth.

Alpenrose Inn Purchased,

Rebranded & Upgraded to

Contactless, Self-Check-In v2 Model

Playpark Lodge

Upgraded to v2 Model

Generated over

$5 Million Revenue

across 3 locations with 61 Total Units

Recent Results

ROI - 304.74%

Deal Level IRR - 85.72%

Equity Multiple - 4.57X

Sold Rubber Stamp

ROI - 152.83%

Deal Level IRR - 92.63%

Equity Multiple - 2.6X

Gradient Background
Sold Rubber Stamp

ROI - 30.89%

Deal Level IRR - 17.65%

Equity Multiple - 1.42X

Sold Rubber Stamp

Not Only Hospitality


Over $40 Million in Equity raised and deployed into various real estate assets and developments


Millionaire Mindcast Podcast

Top 100 Investor Podcast

7M+ downloads

Over 250+ millionaires interviewed


Properties successfully renovated and repositioned for maximizing value and cash flow

Selected Press

Imagos Hospitality Group's Hotel to the Next Level of Contactless...

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Playpark Lodge is everyone’s go-to choice for an overnight stay in South Lake Tahoe

if you love sunshine and beaches, this is a good place to base yourself

A super cute and very Tahoe-esque hotel. Enjoy contact-less check-in,


has been revamped into a compound of large, homey suites centered around modern hospitality


This place was rad. Would go 1 million times over. Clean. Super cute and warm decor. Loved all the details. Responsive hosts, easy, contactless check-in. Loved it.

Elisabeth H.

AirBnB Review

The stay was Excellent, communication was very thorough and clear for check in, check out and how to get assistance if needed. The Guest App was super helpful. The property was quiet and well maintained..


AirBnB Review





Avg. 4.8 Star Rating

From check-in to the time we checked out, The Jeffrey Hotel met all our expectations. Very clean, very quiet, very modern. Perfect place.

Jamie C.

Google Review

Wasn’t sure about the contactless check-in but it did work great. Communication was great. Room was very clean and modern - Would stay again.

Jacque B.

Google Review

Our stay at Playpak Lodge was great! Reasonably priced and very well renovated. We loved the style, was a perfect cozy touch. Contactless experience was just great, the virtual concierge representative helped right away when we had a questions. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced, clean, and cozy place to stay in Tahoe.

Daniel K.

TripAdvisor Review

Case Study

Playpark Hospitality modernizes the guest experience at three Lake Tahoe boutique hotels

(Before Sale)

Key Insights

10% increase in direct bookings via organic search

Over 2,000 Reviews with Overall 4.8 Star Rating

53,000 Contactless Self-Check-Ins

On-boarding New Hires in Less than 2 weeks

Imagineering the Future of Hospitality

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